Research Interests


I am particularly interested in the experimental investigation of creativity. Creativity is a crucial individual ability and extracting this ability experimentally can provide us with invaluable insights into mechanisms behind important economic decision making processes. To approach this topic I combine insights from psychological creativity research with desirable features of experimental economics to isolate creative thought processes. In addition to that I link creative performance to economic decision making in- and outside the lab.

Organisations and Teams

Having worked on topics related to social closeness and creative ability, my research provides organisations with methodologies as well as insights into the assembly of teams especially with a focus on innovation. Extending my interest in increasing organisational efficiency, I am curious about mechanisms to improve companies efficiencies. I studied treatments to encourage employees to upward communicate insights regarding faulty work environments and simple but effective mechanisms to increase their ethical decision making.

Developing Methodology

In my research, I have also worked on evaluating and validating experimental instruments designed to measure several individual characteristics, spanning from creativity to social preferences. Despite the claimed reliability of some experimental instruments to tap into individual preferences or abilities there is still some ambiguity with respect to the robustness and efficiency of these experimental measures. In my research I therefore question and evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of exisiting experimental tolls and attempt to provide the scientific community with more efficient tools to conduct their research.